Additional Services


Content Development and Program Planning

Lead learningscape developer Stephanie Lile has more than 20 years of experience researching, writing, and developing content for museum exhibitions, curricula, and publications. From children’s interactives to adult topics, she’s addressed them all and is always excited to delve into new subjects and projects.

Organizing Family Collections

Have a family collection that needs to be sorted and preserved? Many people do, but they don’t know where to begin. We can help. With years of experience in the museum field, Bering Street Studio can provide a free consultation to help you get started, or we’ll take on the project for you at a reasonable rate. This means that no matter what you plan to do with your collection, we’ll organize and catalog it according to museum standards, using the best in archival practices and supplies. No collection is too small to be treasured.

Creating Collection Catalogs

Once a collection is cataloged and organized, there’s often an opportunity to create a collection catalog or related publication. Bering Street Studio can do that too. Working with some of the best designers in the country, we research the collection, develop the content, and produce a catalog either for private use or public distribution, depending on the nature of the collection and its relevance to larger world history subjects.