Bomber Boys ~ Resources



Curricula specially developed for this exhibit is available here as downloadable pdfs. Designed for use by grades 4-12, it includes pre-visit, during visit, and post-visit activities as well as teacher keys. It is based on the national history standards and utilizes the historical thinking “evidence and lenses” approach developed by Stephanie Lile, M.Ed.

“Bomber Boys” Curriculum Guide: bb-curriculum-guide-v1

“Bomber Boys” Introductory Powerpoint and Vocabulary: bb-curricslideshow

The following resources and references provide more information about the content featured in “Bomber Boys: Portraits From the Front.” 

Men of the 445th ~ Books ~ Memoirs, Novels, and Non-Fiction

Lile, Stephanie. BOMBER BOYS: PORTRAITS FROM THE FRONT. Exhibition catalog. Coming soon.

Bowling, Dan. FOLLOW P-D-I: MY EXPERIENCES AS AN AAF B-25 PILOT DURING WORLD WAR II. Lomita, CA: Cambria Publishing, 2009. ISBN 978-0-936939-09-4. Nonfiction memoir by a World War II pilot serving with the 445th bomb squadron. 

Lawrence, Frederick H. UNTOLD & UNSUNG…THE UNKNOWN. Victoria, B.C., Trafford Publishing (on demand), 2003. Nonfiction memoir by a World War II crew chief in the 445th bomb squadron.

Cleaver, Thomas McKelvey. BRIDGEBUSTERS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE CATCH-22 BOMB WING.Washington, D.C. Regnery History, 2016. Nonfiction book about aerial operations in the Mediterranean, primarily the 57th Bomb Wing of the American Air Force (Corps).

Heller, Joseph. CATCH-22. Original publication date 1961. Satirical fiction about service on a bombing squadron stationed in the Mediterranean during World War II. 

Heller, Joseph. CLOSING TIME. Fiction sequel to CATCH-22. 

Lile, S.T. THE TAIL GUNNER. Gig Harbor, WA, Bering Street Books, 2014. ISBN 978-0-9896505-0-2. Contemporary young adult fiction about a teenage girl who finds a secret stash of World War II images from which the ghost of a World War II bomber boy emerges.


The Planes ~ The North American Mitchell B-25

B-25 history and current historic aircraft as noted in Aircraft in Focus.

The Commemorative Air Force, located in Arizona, California, Texas, New York, Iowa, Kansas, Georgia, Nevada, Mississippi, Missouri, and Minnesota.


Period References ~ Books and Publications

Army Air Forces Aid Society. THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE ARMY AIR FORCES. New York, Pocket Books, 1944. Nonfiction reference guide described as “a directory, almanac, and chronicle of achievement.”

American Red Cross. FIRST AID TEXT-BOOK. Philadelphia, The Blakiston Company, 1933, 1937, 1940.

U.S. War Department. PARACHUTES, AIRCRAFT FABRICS, AND CLOTHING – TECHNICAL MANUAL 1-440. Washington, D.C., Superintendent of Documents, 1941.

U.S. War Department. PILOTS’ INFORMATION FILE. Army Air Forces, Form No. 24, 1943.